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the problem

NEAR was still a new project, hot off the presses and lunging forward at full-steam, and people knew it. It seemed that every week there was a new development: Aurora, Octopus, Skyward, Ref Finance, Berry Club… the list goes on.

Developers were adopting the platform at breakneck speed, and the team at NEAR worked tirelessly on Explorer and Wallet to make sure that the core ecosystem tools could support the influx of developer interest.

Hi. I'm Jacob, the developer of I saw NEAR as a great, burgeoning platform that was extremely developer-friendly and was poised to make some big waves in the crypto space.

However, developer adoption is just one step in the process to going mainstream. Wallet and Explorer are great tools for everybody to clearly see the spicy details of their accounts and the whole network, but they're a specific type of tool: indicators that provide information, but don't necessarily delineate a path forward. strives to be that friendly guide.

the guide

I work in tech all day, and I understand it can get a little tiring for everything to be so… technical all the time. That's why tries to ease that burden a little bit by adding some color back into the equation.

When you explore an account, you'll see a few base metrics about the account's activity: How much gas has been spent? How long has the account existed?

Take a look at the Badges page to see some goals to work towards. Receive an NFT or deploy a smart contract and you'll be rewarded with a shiny badge below your name. Stay active to see your score and level grow!

You'll also find some useful charts and graphs, as well as a comprehensive and easy-to-digest list of transactions.

All of this is wrapped up in one nice, tidy, and beautiful package: your

the future

There's a lot we have planned for this project, which you can explore in the project roadmap below. If you see something you'd like to help with or if you think something's missing, give us a holler!


Leaderboards page
September 2021
Make everything sharable!
September 2021
Beta release
August 2021


To Do

Account status NFT
November 2021
New charts
November 2021
NEAR Login
November 2021
Dapp integrations
December 2021
Sponsored badges
December 2021
Community governance
January 2022

the team

Jacob Lindahl (USA)

PO, senior developer

With over a decade of programming experience, Jacob has worked with everything from web applications to CAD software, and currently spends his time writing code to support Web 3 ecosystems. When he's not working, you can find him reading, ballroom dancing, or hiking in the Tetons.

If you need a full-stack developer for your new DeFi project, I'm your man!
Dan Podkovko (RU)

UX/UI designer

Dan is a web, graphic, and UX/UI designer with 13 years of experience in these fields. Besides, he used to work as a marketing director on a civil weapons manufacturer, was a product manager, and ran several own e-commerce projects. Currently, working on his own psychological assessment service as a pet project. Loves entrepreneurship, music, psychology, and design.

I would be happy to assist you with UX/UI design for your dApps, smart contracts, and DAOs, as well as web design for your websites and landing pages! Feel free to reach me 👇

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